July 21, 2016 Seasonal Ideas No Comments

1. Go kayaking! And check out these five reasons why you should take the kids with you.
2. Stargaze. Put these summer dates on your calendar.
3. Pick some fruit and make a cobbler.
4. Try tie dying with dye made from plant matter.
5. Use these tricks to attract fireflies to your yard.
6. Plant a moon garden.
7. Sip on this red clover lemonade recipe.
8. Invent your own ice cream flavor using summer’s wonderful selection of fresh produce-mango, peach, blueberry and lemongrass, anyone?
9. Take up cloud-watching. You can find more information from The Cloud Appreciation Society website.
10. Explore birding. You can download the free Audubon Society birding app here.
11. Create a family tradition of unplugging from electronics for at least one day a week. Use the extra time for outdoor games. Bonus points if you make up your own.

Written by Outdoorosity
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