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I love nothing more than combining multiple good things. Perhaps it’s a product of being born into the millennial cohort or perhaps it’s the fact that I want too strongly to “do it all” within the confines of a “standard American adult schedule”, but when possible, combining things has become my default setting. A luncheon …

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           1. Spring flowers and bulbs are starting to bloom. Celebrate the season by playing bloom bingo. Learn how here. 2. Hurray! The time has changed and the days are getting longer. Spend the extra hour (and more!) of daylight outdoors. Some of our favorites: disc golf, geocaching, and playing hide …

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If the optimism with which you began your New Year’s resolutions has met the solid reality of limited time, limited energy, and limited resources, you might be wondering if this really can be the year in which you feel better and have stronger relationships. But take heart. One simple rule has helped our family in …

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September 22 marked the official start of autumn. This year, however, I don’t feel as though it officially arrived until early November. My family and I ushered in autumn while we were at the beach this past weekend. I love the beach in autumn, far more than the other seasons. Most people would agree that …

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I noticed her bulbous form, striking colors and lean legs in my front garden bed. She had just trapped a large bumblebee in her web and was swiftly wrapping it up in silk. My first reaction was to take a step back, as if she was going to jump from her web to suck the …

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Starting a new school year is a great time to reprioritize through establishing routines.  Here are some suggestions for incorporating outdoor time into your semester. 1. Walk or ride your bike to class as much as possible. You’ll get some quality time outdoors, while creating space to process and digest your day. 2. Grab some …

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1. As soon as you tumble out of bed, go outside for a few minutes and let the sun’s rays help wake up your brain. 2. If possible, eat breakfast outdoors or with a window open. Let the sounds of nature set the tone for a peaceful, productive day. 3. On the ride to school, …

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This summer, in addition to interning with Outdoorosity, I am interning at the Peace Center for the Performing Arts in Greenville, South Carolina, helping with its continuing education program for teachers. As a teacher-in-training, I welcome the opportunity to interact with teachers and learn more in my field. The work is invigorating, educational and inspiring. …

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It still unbelievable to me that this time last year I was over 8,000 miles away and on the other end of the world, New Zealand, to study my passion: education. I do not think I fully understood this trip’s impact on me until I have had time to reflect over it this past year. …

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1. Go kayaking! And check out these five reasons why you should take the kids with you. 2. Stargaze. Put these summer dates on your calendar. 3. Pick some fruit and make a cobbler. 4. Try tie dying with dye made from plant matter. 5. Use these tricks to attract fireflies to your yard. 6. …

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