This week, take your students on an insect hunt. With warmer spring weather, they are sure to find a variety of species. 

What to Bring

  • Pencil
  • Notebook or paper 
  • Magnifying glass (optional) 


Where to Look

Insects can be easily be found around the school or on the playground. Have the students look under leaves, rocks, bark, and mulch. They can even look in cracks in the sidewalk. 

Instruct the students to look in the air, too. Butterflies, bees, moths, flies, dragonflies, and beetles are just a few they might see. 


What to Do

First, decide how much time you will spend on the Insect Hunt. 

Next, instruct the students to write down the name of each insect they see. If they aren’t sure what it is called, have them draw a picture of it. Show them how to indicate the colors of the insect by writing the name of the color and drawing an arrow to the appropriate part. 

When time is up, have students count the number of different kinds of insects they found. Have field guides available for students to use to identify the insects they did not know. 

Have the students answer the following questions: 

  1. Were you surprised by the number of insects you found? Why or why not? 
  2. What is the most unusual insect you found? 
  3. What new insects did you learn to identify? 


Photo by charmaineswart




Written by Samantha Bell