Today is the first day of spring, so we’ve come up with a list of some ways to celebrate its arrival!

1. The birds are chirping! Before all of the leaves appear, take some time to see how many different types of birds you can spot in an afternoon. Visit the Audubon Society for tips

2. Plan your garden! Use a planting calendar to find the perfect time to start your seeds and seedlings.  

3. Take a hike along your favorite trail and look for signs of spring. Be sure to take your camera with you!

4. Take your nature journal outside and record your observations.

5. Start a compost pile. Visit this site for some helpful tips.

6. Go to a creek, river, or lake and skip rocks.

7. Take a blanket or quilt outside, lay on the ground, and look for shapes in the clouds.

8. Feed the ducks at a pond.

9. Help the Monarchs by planting Milkweed in your yard. Learn more at Monarch

10. Fill a vase with beautiful wildflowers. Look through a field guide to find out what kind each one is.


Photo by stachoo

Written by Samantha Bell