You’ve probably heard of geocaching — searching for items hidden in a pubic place using your GPS. But have you heard of letterboxing? Letterboxing is an older hide-and-seek scavenger hunt game played by people all over the world.  You don’t need a GPS; instead, you follow a set of clues. The prize: a plastic box with a stamp and blank book inside. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Gather together a blank notebook (we used very small notepads — the kind kids used to use in elementary school to write down homework assignments), an ink pad, and your personal stamp. The stamp can be one you purchase or one you make yourself.

     2. Next, print the online clues to the letterbox found on

     3. Head outside and follow the clues to the small plastic box. 

    4. Open the box. Inside, you’ll find a stamp and a book. Then, stamp your stamp in that book, and use the stamp in the box to stamp your book. 

     5. Start searching for the next box! 


Photo by xandert 

Written by Samantha Bell