This week, go on an insect hunt. This is a great activity to do with children. 

What to Bring

  • Pencil and notebook or a cell phone/camera 
  • Magnifying glass (optional) 

Where to Look

Insects can be easily be found almost anywhere. Look under leaves, rocks, bark, and mulch. Look on trees and in bushes. You may even find some in your house!

What to Do

First, decide how much time you will spend on the insect hunt. 

Next, write down the name of each insect you find. If you aren’t sure what it’s called, take a photo or draw a picture of it. If you are drawing a picture, be sure to indicate the colors of the insect by writing the name of the color and drawing an arrow to the appropriate part. 

When time is up, count the number of different kinds of insects you’ve found. If you have found some you can’t identify, look them up online or in field guides from your local library.  

Here are some questions you can ask your children when they’ve finished the hunt: 

  1. Were you surprised by the number of insects you found? Why or why not? 
  2. What is the most unusual insect you found? 
  3. What new insects did you learn to identify? 


Photo by charmaineswart




Written by Outdoorosity
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