You’ve probably heard about composting and some of its benefits, but what exactly is composting? When you compost, you are gathering organic materials that will later be added to the soil. Almost anything that comes from the ground can be composted: vegetable and fruit scraps as well as stales grains such as bread, cereal, and pasta..As the materials are piled up, they break down naturally, the same way dead leaves and other materials break down on the forest floor. The compost, now filled with beneficial microbes, bacteria, and fungi, can be added to your garden or yard to help them grow by increasing the nutrient supply and water-holding capacity of the soil. The result: prettier flowers, bigger produce, and healthier plants.

Compost has many other benefits as well. It reduces waste in landfills. It reduces the need for pesticides or fertilizers. It sends essential nutrients back into the soil. Composting creates a win-win-win situation: the soil is healthier, the plants are healthier, and the planet is healthier. The best part is: you don’t need a huge yard to have a compost pile! Check out these sites to get started:

“Composting 101: How to Start a Compost Pile” –

“How to Start Composing” – Stone Pier Press 

“How to Start Composting (It’s Easier Than You Think!)” –




Image by Manfred Antranias Zimmer

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