It’s officially the first day of summer! Here are some ideas you can try to celebrate the season:

  1. Go on a picnic
  2. Go swimming
  3. Make a bird feeder
  4. Make a fairy house
  5. Go on a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood or through the woods
  6. Release ladybugs – You can buy them online and send them out into your yard
  7. Photograph spider webs with the morning dew
  8. Visit (and play) in a waterfall
  9. Cloud watch
  10. Make s’mores
  11. Play flashlight tag
  12. Photograph flowers
  13. Play Frisbee golf
  14. Go canoeing
  15. Go stargazing
  16. Catch fireflies (and let them go again)
  17. Go geocaching or letterboxing
  18. Play putt-putt
  19. Go on a night hike
  20. Paint rocks
  21. Start a nature journal
  22. Visit a farmer’s market
  23. Grow herbs
  24. Read in a hammock
  25. Go kayaking
  26. Have a boat race
  27. Go on an insect hunt
  28. Go whitewater rafting
  29. Visit a neighbor
  30. Go fishing
  31. Learn to whittle
  32. Go berry picking
  33. Go horseback riding
  34. Learn to use a compass
  35. Go camping (at a park or even in your backyard)


Photo by rosamore


Written by Outdoorosity
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