If you ask a student what activities are available in their neighborhood or city, they may say “shop at the mall” or “go to the movie theater”. But there are so many things to do outside as well! This week, help them get to know their natural neighborhood!  

Start with maps of your city. Make sure each student has a printed copy. 

Next, mark on the map the location of the school. Students can mark the locations of their homes as well. 

As a class, find out what outdoor activities are available. Have the students mark each of these on the maps as well. Some things to look for include: 

  • State parks
  • National parks 
  • Local parks
  • Bike trails 
  • Nature trails 
  • Public lakes or waterfalls
  • Camping sites
  • Outdoor recreational facilities


Featured image by MUmland 

Written by Samantha Bell