When is the last time you’ve flown a kite?  Does a distant memory from your childhood emerge of a breezy day at the park?  These flowing streaks of fabric in the sky are often  regarded as toys solely for kids, but why is that?  I would like to advocate that adults can (and should) fly kites too! Believe it or not, flying a kite can deliver numerous physical and mental health benefits.   So, if you aren’t already unwrapping the string, here are some reasons to go fly a kite. 

Stress Reduction – Kite flying is a relaxing activity that can help to alleviate tension by shifting your focus from the daily stresses of life.  Watching a kite stream across the sky can bring about a refreshing feeling of calmness.

Exercise – Whether you are walking along the beach or running down a hill to help your kite soar, this activity is gentle on the body, but gets you up and active.

Eye Stimulation – Another less mentioned perk of flying a kite is its benefits for our eyes.  With hours of screen time a day, our eyes often become fatigued.  Tracking a distant object in the sky can relax the eye muscles and reduce eye strain.

Upper Body Posture Improvement – Hand in hand with reducing eye strain, looking upwards and holding a kite can help to correct the slouched posture that results from sitting bent over at an office desk.  Kite flying can also help to stretch out the spine and promote flexibility.

Connection to Nature – No surprise here, flying a kite connects you with the great outdoors!  Gazing up at the blue sky and embracing the wind and ground on your feet is always a good way to center yourself in the present moment and appreciate your surroundings.

Fun! – Last, but certainly not least, kite flying is fun!  Running string in hand, barefoot through the grass  or sand is the perfect way to release your inner kid.  Besides, who says fun has an age limit?

For ideas on how to create your own kite, click here.


Image by oleiah

Written by Nicole Hoffmann