1. Passport to nature: A national park pass

2. For your New Year’s resolution: A pair of running shoes

3. To document your adventures: A new digital camera

4. To keep you hydrated: A good-looking reusable water bottle

5. Get out and about: A trip to a natural wonder

6. Show your true colors: A quirky t-shirt (For example, this one)

7. For your curious side: Archery lessons, a cooking class, or a farm tour

8. Give a different kind of green: Make herb sachets, or give seeds or bulbs

9. For reading: A subscription to an inspiring magazine: OutsideNational Geographic, and
Organic Gardening are some of our favorites

10. To anticipate (then savor): A fruit tree

11. Pay homage to nature: A framed nature-inspired poem or piece of artwork

12. So you don’t miss a thing: Binoculars

13. Survival skills: An outdoor education class

Written by Outdoorosity
Inspiration and Information About the Outdoors