Some people experience the “winter blues,”  a feeling of sadness or depression that can come with the shorter, colder days of winter.  If you’re feeling low, here are some seasonal activities to try as you wait for the sunnier months: 

  1. Try remixed snow art: Add color to your snowman or snow angel with spray bottles of diluted food coloring.
  2. Take a nature walk to gather materials (think rosemary, holly, pine cones or berries) to decorate your home.
  3. Try cross-country skiing.
  4. Build a bonfire.
  5. Make ice bubbles.
  6. Make a resolution for 2021 that will have a lasting impact. 
  7. Make snow ice cream.
  8. Educate yourself: read up on snowflakes, the Winter Solstice, avalanches, or hibernation.
  9. Make a new soup, such as winter squash and apple.
  10. Scent your air naturally with a homemade clove-covered tangerine.
  11. Go on a virtual trip to the Northern Lights.
  12. Try an herbal tea as a healthy warm drink option: mint, chai, and lemon-ginger green tea are our favorites.
Written by Outdoorosity
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