1. Try remixed snow art: Add color to your snowman or snow angel with spray bottles of diluted food coloring.
  2. Take a nature walk to gather materials (think rosemary, holly, pine cones or berries) to decorate your home.
  3. Try cross-country skiing.
  4. If you missed it this fall (or even if you didn’t), build a bonfire and brave the cold with some friends.
  5. Make ice bubbles.
  6. Make a healthy resolution for 2014! See Facebook.com/Outdoorosity.
  7. Make snow ice cream: it’s so easy!
  8. Participate in a 5k or take a morning walk.
  9. Educate yourself: read up on snowflakes, the Winter Solstice, avalanches, or hibernation.
  10. Make a new soup: some ideas are roasted gingered butternut squashchicken taco soupwinter squash and apple, or lemon chicken and orzo.
  11. Scent your air naturally with a homemade clove-covered tangerine.
  12. Go on a virtual trip to the Northern Lights.
  13. Try an herbal tea as a healthy warm drink option: mint, chai, and lemon-ginger green tea are our favorites.
Written by Outdoorosity
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