Choose one (or six) of these ideas to make this semester awesome.

1. In the morning, use five minutes to take a quick walk outdoors to wake up your brain. Read why exercising outdoors is optimal. Bonus: Try running outdoors in the mornings. Be sure to eat some easily digestible breakfast before you head out so you’re not trying to run on empty.
2. After class on Wednesdays, bike around campus to relax.
3. Pick a study spot by a window, and take quick breaks every twenty minutes to appreciate a distant view. It’s important to relax your eyes and body as you learn.
4. Host a back-to-school bonfire and add nutella, Reese’s cups, berries, bananas or another favorite sweet treat to your s’mores. If you can’t find a fire pit, try using a grill on campus or at a local park.
5. Choose delicious-looking farmer’s market fruit then enjoy it in a fresh way by grilling, puréeing or adding it to your favorite drink.
6. Find a shady spot and do your studying outside. Studies demonstrate the health benefits of time in green space.
7. Want to get away from campus? Try an apple-picking expedition.
8. Feeling unfocused? Breathe in the fresh scent of cinnamon or mint. For more information, check out this Huffington Post article on scents and wellbeing.
9. If you need to study indoors, take photos of inspiring outdoor views and display near your study space.
10. Schedule a fall camping trip halfway through the semester. Mark it on your calendar and start researching plants and animals you’ll find in the area.

Written by Outdoorosity
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