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It’s that time of year! Here are some ways to help get your school year off to a good start!  1. Let the sun wake you up. Read why you should consider it. 2. After the first week of school, bike around your block to relax. 3. In the morning, spend one minute doing jumping …

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Choose one (or six) of these ideas to make this semester awesome. 1. In the morning, use five minutes to take a quick walk outdoors to wake up your brain. Read why exercising outdoors is optimal. Bonus: Try running outdoors in the mornings. Be sure to eat some easily digestible breakfast before you head out …

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Why wake to the blaring of an alarm clock when you can ease into the morning to the sounds of birds and natural light streaming in your window? Even though you’re heading back to school, you can still enjoy the dog days of summer by letting the sun wake you up. If your bedroom window …

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