In many parts of the country, the winter season means snow. But before you bundle up with that cozy blanket in front of the fire, consider these ideas for enjoying that fluffy white stuff:

  1. Go sledding
  2. Gather snow to make snow cream
  3. Build a snowman or a whole snow family
  4. Have a snowball fight (my kids’ favorite)
  5. Go on a snow hike
  6. Guess how deep the snow is, then take a ruler out to measure it to see if you were right.
  7. Go snow skiing
  8. Search for animal tracks 
  9. Make your own tracks
  10. Build a snow fort
  11. Go snow tubing
  12. Color the snow! Mix food coloring and water in a spray bottle. Then decorate your backyard.
  13. Have a snowball throwing contest
  14. Play tic tac toe
  15. Make snow angels
  16. Blow bubbles! If it’s below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the bubbles will freeze!
  17. Play tug-of-war
  18. Make a snow castle
  19. Play “Put the Carrot on the Snowman” like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”
  20. Take lots of photos of the winter wonderland – and of all the fun!




Feature Image by Marcelo Coimbra

Animal Tracks Image by SQUAIO

Forest Image by Koan




Written by Samantha Bell