Sometimes life can feel like one hectic schedule after another, and you are always on the go. But if you have a quiet day at home, an afternoon off, or even just an hour of free time, take advantage of the break in your day. Try one of these ideas below — you’ll be able to explore nature, tap into your creativity, and reinvigorate your brain all at the same time!

1. Writing

If you like to dabble in storytelling, then choose this option! Go outside—to a state or national park, a local natural attraction, or your own backyard—and whatever catches your eye first, that’s the main subject of your new story. Preferably, it’ll be something related to nature—a bluebird, a ladybug, an old cedar—but if you come across a garden gnome, that can be a great character as well! Now, choose a setting. Will your red-tailed hawk be soaring over a vibrant fantasy world, a dystopian sci-fi city set far into the future, or will it be in that moment, describing what you look like staring up at it? Will it even be on Earth? You decide! Then see where the plot takes you. Stretch the limits of your creative mind and write whatever you can think of.

2. Painting

Nature is one of the best inspirations for a painting or drawing. Take your supplies outside with you and discover what aspects of nature inspire you. You might choose to do some nature journaling or plein air painting. Or, you could take a photo of a beautiful landscape or a flower, maybe a cute frog or a fawn if you’re lucky, then break out your favorite artistic utensil. Do your best to capture its beauty and essence. Then, do it again! However, this time, don’t just draw what you see—get out of your comfort zone and choose a certain style that challenges you. Have you ever drawn a flower only using squares? Or painted a deer like a Van Gogh piece? Try it! Use the different seasons to your creative advantage, and create to your heart’s content.

3. Sculpture

Go 3D and make some sort of sculpture! Go outside, gather whatever materials you like—sticks, leaves, flowers, rocks—and create something! Restricting yourself to a limited set of supplies gives you the opportunity to stretch your creativity. Adhesives like glue and tape are fine to use, but try your best to stick with whatever natural components you find outside. Try it out and see how your skills grow!



Written by Evan Hutchison