Like last year, the start of school this year is anything but routine. But no matter what the school days look like, you can still bring the outdoors into your new school schedule. Here are a few ideas: 

1. Choose a place outside to sit, such as under a tree or on a log. Then, every morning or afternoon (whichever is more convenient), sit there alone for at least 10 minutes. Notice what’s changed in nature since the day before. Bonus: Take along a nature journal and write it down. 

2. After you settle in your seat either at home or at school, look out the window. Look at a distant view to relax your eyes and body and prepare to learn.

3. Feeling unfocused? Try breathing in scents like cinnamon or mint. 

4. Find a good spot under a shady tree and do some of your work outside.

5. Take a photograph of an inspiring outdoor view. Print a large copy of it to display near your desk or study space.

6. Choose an outdoor activity to help you unwind after school, such as bicycling or jogging.

7. Get outside and play for a while. Unstructured play benefits both younger students and teens here. 

Written by Outdoorosity
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