We are right at summer’s doorstep! Here are some fun ways to welcome the season, get the kids outside, and enjoy nature together. 

1. Hiking – Take the day to walk some trails! This can be a good bonding experience between parents/caregivers and children and keeps everyone active. It can also yield some amazing views and exciting finds along the way.

2. Camping – Pitching a tent and sleeping under the stars can teach children the importance of having responsibilities and give them an appreciation for the great outdoors. It will also most certainly be an adventure for young campers!

3. Swimming – A fantastic way to beat the summer heat, whether in the pool, a river, or the ocean.

4. Canoeing – Bring the kids out to a lake and let them skim across the water! You can find some helpful tips for canoeing with kids here. 

5. Fishing – Teach a kid to fish, and feed his appetite for fun forever! Fishing is a great way to learn patience, respect for nature, and—if you’re fishing to eat—the value of knowing where your next meal is coming from. And you can do it sitting down!

6. Chasing Sunsets -Few things are more beautiful than the crimson sun blazing across the land in its last few moments of glory in the perfect spot. Search up the best places near you to view sunsets and take the kids. You will create endearing memories with unbeatable ending scenes.

7. Farmer’s Markets – Transform something that is usually mundane like grocery shopping into a lesson for the young ones! At a farmer’s market, kids can not only learn about the foods being sold, they can also learn social skills, the value of eating healthy, and how families contribute to the local economy.

8. Playing In Nearby Rivers – Splashing around in a shallow river can be some of the most fun nature can offer. Children can collect river rocks and enjoy the cool water on hot days. What’s more, you should be able to find a quiet spot to claim as your own to enjoy. 

9. Gardening – If you don’t have the time to go out to explore the wonders of nature, grow them in your front yard! Planting, growing, picking, and cooking your own vegetables can teach children valuable lessons in responsibilities and self-sustainability. Plus, it’s fun to get your hands in the dirt!

10. Bonfires – Gather up some firewood in the breezy summer nights, grab the ingredients for some s’mores, and light up a bonfire! It’s a great way to relax after a long summer day and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones.

11. Crafts – It’s a great thing to be able to work with your hands! You can find all kinds of nature craft ideas online and at your library. And once your children are finished with their crafts, you can display their creations all around the house!

12. Adventuring Local Sights – For most people, the Grand Canyon is not right around the corner. However, there are always beautiful and exciting places to see nearby! Taking the kids to these hidden gems can be a great way to get active and do some exploring while getting pictures that will be treasured forever.

13. Visiting National Parks – Seeing some of the greatest wonders of our country will create core memories for any child! Take a few days to see what America has to offer and use it as an opportunity for your kids to appreciate nature more.

14. Stargazing – Grab some blankets, stretch out on the grass, and marvel at the endless sea of stars! Teach your kids about all the constellations and the spectacular vastness of the cosmos. 

15. Photographing Nature – Some of the most stunning sights known to man can be found in the natural world all around us. Capturing those sights in images can not only show a child to appreciate the beauty of nature, but it will also teach them about various flora and fauna. 

16. Painting Nature – Now that you have photos, take things a step further and dive with your kids into the world of art! Painting can be a relaxing and enjoyable pastime that refines hand-eye coordination and attention to detail. Once they’ve completed their masterpieces, their art can be displayed for the whole family to see— whether on the fridge or the wall in a frame!

17. Writing a Nature Journal – As your child explores and becomes more knowledgeable about nature, it’s a great idea to write those memories and facts down. Whether it’s a story about an adventure or a description of a beetle found in the woods or a drawing of a flower, your children can learn the enjoyment of chronicling their natural experiences.

18. A Nature Scavenger Hunt – Take the day to come up with a list of things you and your kids have seen in your backyard or in the neighborhood, then see who can find everything first! Your children can hone their spotting abilities, and everyone loves a friendly competition. 

Hopefully this list has given you some good ideas for activities to fill your summer. Have fun out there!

Written by Outdoorosity
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