December 21, 2023 Blog No Comments

Today marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year — the winter solstice!  It also serves as the official ushering in of winter. Here are some things you can do to celebrate this chilly season. 

Bundle up your family and go on a winter scavenger hunt! Fewer leaves in the winter make some things easier to spot, including bird nests, squirrel nests, and other animal burrows. Other things to look for include acorns, nuts, winter berries, animal tracks, feathers, icicles, and wildlife.

Get outside to make some art! Winter is an ideal time of year to find an assortment of fallen branches, nuts, leaves and berries—all great things to make some creative art! You can either glue the items to a piece of paper for something to hang on your fridge or your wall, or you can really get inspired and start a 3D sculpture. A popular one this holiday season is a log reindeer. You might need to drill some holes, but as long as you have two small logs and six sticks, you have enough! You can even put a red berry on the nose to make  a cute wooden Rudolph.

Play in the snow! If you have enough snow outside your door, take advantage of it. Depending on where you live, it may only be there for a short time. Have a snowball fight, build a snowman, make snow angels, even make your own snow cones! If you have a big hill near your house, grab a sled—store-bought or makeshift—and fly down the slopes. It’s all good fun in a winter wonderland!

Make your own natural Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree! They can be made out of anything you find outdoors — just be creative and have fun with it!  Then, decorate a tree indoors (or out!) with your handmade ornaments. You’ll save money and make your home a warmer place. You can even make your own natural gift tags, too! 

No matter what activities you do, be sure to take time to enjoy the season with friends and family.

Welcome, winter! 


Written by Evan Hutchison