It’s the first day of spring! And while it’s not a typical spring season, it’s still important to get outdoors. During these days that seem uncertain and challenging, spending time in nature not only helps fight anxiety, but it offers many other health benefits as well.  You can find out more here

Below are some ideas for getting outdoors with your family, even if you’re staying close to home:

  1. Plant some seeds
  2. Draw or write in your nature journal
  3. Play horseshoes
  4. Fly a kite
  5. Listen to the birds singing
  6. Read a book or magazine
  7. Take a nap in a hammock
  8. Look for four-leaf clovers
  9. Make a bird feeder. Try this idea using cookie cutters , half an orange, or a pinecone. 
  10. Play Frisbee
  11. Blow bubbles
  12. Climb a tree
  13. Play a game of crochet or Bocce ball
  14. Have a garden tea party
  15. Draw pictures on the sidewalk with chalk
  16. Have a picnic in the yard
  17. Play in the rain
  18. Play a game of cornhole
  19. Watch a sunrise or sunset
  20. Paint a rock 
  21. Wash your car
  22. Lie on a blanket and find shapes in the clouds
  23. Start a nature collection
  24. Have a barefoot race through the grass
  25. Camp out in the backyard
Written by Samantha Bell