1. As soon as you tumble out of bed, go outside for a few minutes and let the sun’s rays help wake up your brain.
2. If possible, eat breakfast outdoors or with a window open. Let the sounds of nature set the tone for a peaceful, productive day.
3. On the ride to school, pick one yard or park to watch throughout the school year. See how many plants with colorful blooms or leaves you can identify and note how that list changes throughout the seasons.
4. Post a photo of your favorite outdoor scene (perhaps a pic from a trip this summer) in your locker or inside your notebook and be sure to look at it if you’re feeling stressed. The photo can have similar rejuvenating effects to spending time outdoors, according to studies. Bonus points if you took the photo yourself.image (17)
5. After you settle in your seat at school, take a quick look out the window and focus on a distant view to relax your eyes.
6. Play the “one square foot of land” game with your friends at recess. Pick a square foot of land, examine it closely, and count how many different types of plant and animal life you can identify in that one square.
7. As you set up your study area, bringnature indoors with a bouquet of leaves or flowers. Check out our tips for a bouquet a day.image (18)
8. Relax before bedtime with “five minutes of quiet” outdoors. Close your eyes, pick up an object from nature, and engage some of your other senses. Notice how the texture of the object feels in your hand, the sounds of nature you hear, how the breeze feels on your skin, and the smells the breeze brings with it. Count the different bird calls and let their sound help you relax and get ready for a great night’s sleep.
9. Give you and your friends something to look forward to on your weekends with an outdoor outing. A few ideas to get you started- hiking, geocaching, kayaking or disc golf.

Written by Outdoorosity
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