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It’s the first day of spring! Wondering how to celebrate the season? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! 

  1. Make your own spring tonic soup using edible, organic plants.
  2. Watch a penumbral lunar eclipse on March 25.
  3. Choose an outdoor-themed book to read (check out our reading list for suggestions). 
  4. Spend an hour enjoying a stroll on March 30 for National Take a Walk in the Park day
  5. Buy heirloom fruit, enjoy it, and then plant the seeds for the ultimate recycling.
  6. Use a growing calendar to plant your seeds and seedlings at the perfect time.
  7. Welcome bluebirds to your backyard with nestboxes.   
  8. Enjoy the sweetness of apricots or cherries: try them whole or in a pie.  Check out our recipe ideas.
  9. Plant summer bulbs.
  10. Find a beautiful outdoor backdrop and take a photo to frame and display. 
  11. Lay outside on a quilt outside and look for shapes in the clouds.
  12. Use binoculars and see how many bird varieties you can spot in an afternoon.
  13. Put on your rubber boots and play in a shallow creek.
  14. See a total solar eclipse on April 8 if you live in certain parts of the U.S.
  15. Photograph the signs of spring on your favorite trail. 
  16. Go rock-climbing.
  17. Make a fort in your backyard with found materials.  
  18. Display some spring flowers in a vase. You can also press small flowers for later. 
  19. April 20– Everyone can visit a national park for free on the first day of National Park Week.  
  20. Enjoy asparagus at the peak of freshness during April: try them roasted.
  21. April 26 is Arbor Day. Visit this page for 150 ideas on ways to celebrate. 
  22. Start a compost pile.
  23. Go for an evening walk and watch the day fade to the night: check the time so you don’t miss it.  
  24. Rediscover the joys of spending time outdoors during Screen Free Week  from May 6 – May 12.
  25. Become a Monarch Waystation from Monarch Watch.
  26. Skip rocks.
  27. Mother’s Day is May 12.  Make your time together memorable by treating Mom to a fresh-air picnic.
  28. Go bike riding. 
  29. Make a rain chain to better enjoy all those April showers.  
  30. Feed ducks at a pond.
  31. Celebrate National Love a Tree Day on May 16 by sitting outside in the shade or planting a tree.
  32. Play Bloom Bingo.
  33. Make a wreath out of leaves and flowers from your yard. 
  34. Gather dandelions from your yard and make these lotion bars.
  35. Gather some friends and try disc golf.
  36. Take your nature journal outside and record your observations.
  37.  Connect with your local, state, or national park on May 20 for Kids to Parks Day
  38. Fly a kite. 
  39. Take a nap in a hammock.
  40. Make a bird feeder. Try this idea using cookie cutters , half an orange, or a pinecone. 
  41. Play a game of crochet or Bocce ball. 
  42. Have a garden tea party.
  43. Play in the rain.
  44. Play a game of cornhole.
  45. Paint a rock. 
  46. Start a nature collection.
  47. Have a barefoot race through the grass.
  48. Go on a nature scavenger hunt. 
  49. Camp out in the backyard.
  50. Enjoy the best of spring produce by visiting a farmer’s market.
Written by Outdoorosity
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