There are lots of fun activities to do with kids, and some of them are even good for the earth by reducing and reusing. Try one of these ideas next time you have some free time together: 

      1. Go on a clean-up hike. As you walk along your favorite trail, pick up any trash or litter you find.       

      2. Make recycled paper. Here’s one method you can try. 

      3. Start a compost pile. See how to do it here.

      4.  Make a bird feeder.  Ideas to try: Milk Carton Bird Feeder,  Teacup Bird Feeder, Planter Dish Bird Feeder, or a Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder.

      5. Plant a tree. Find out the best times for planting here. 

      6. Turn an old pizza box into an oven

      7. Upcycle used items to create art. These fun tin can creatures can decorate your outdoor space. Other ideas include a water bottle fish, CD birds, and cardboard tube sculptures



Written by Outdoorosity