Today is Earth Day, a day set aside each year to help raise awareness of the need to protect our natural resources.  Wondering how to celebrate the day? Here are three easy ideas to get you started: 

1. Start a Nature Journal: Sometimes it’s hard to care about something when you don’t know much about it. Creating a nature journal is an easy way to get connected with the outdoors. By spending some time recording your thoughts, ideas, and observations about the natural world, you’ll begin to appreciate it more. 

2. Get to Know Your Natural Neighborhood: What if you live in the city, and woods, fields, or other natural environments just aren’t accessible? Look for nature in your neighborhood! With a little research, you’ll discover parks, trails, campsites, and other outdoor recreational facilities. You might be surprised what you find!   

 3. Clean Up Litter: No matter where you live, chances are there’s some litter on the ground. Picking up trash is an easy way to help the environment and your community. Just follow these safety tips as you head outside. 


Written by Outdoorosity
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