September 22 marked the official start of autumn. This year, however, I don’t feel as though it officially arrived until early November. My family and I ushered in autumn while we were at the beach this past weekend. I love the beach in autumn, far more than the other seasons. Most people would agree that there is a different “feel” to the beach in the off-season. Maybe it is the slower pace or lack of vacationers that provides the opportunity to really relax. You can walk the beach for miles and enjoy the sound of the waves while passing a few beachcombers or fishermen.There is also something completely different about an autumn beach sky than a beach sky in the summer. Maybe it is the soft pallet of colors in the sunrise and sunset…blue, pink and orange. With the early onset of darkness, there is extra time to appreciate the night sky and the stars that seem so focused and tangible.


Viewing the stars oceanside sparked my interest and I discovered that this November happens to be a treasure trove for stargazing. While there are many interesting celestial events this month, one of note is the Super-Duper Moon on Monday, November 14th. Apparently, the moon has not been this close and bright since 1948!

Mark your calendars, get out those binoculars and set your cameras up because National Geographic wants your photos of the event. Learn more about stargazing and submitting photos at National Geographic.

This November you don’t have to be at the beach to enjoy nature’s gifts in the sky!

Written by Kathy Falls

Written by Outdoorosity
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