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  We love thinking of ways to celebrate each season.  Here’s what we’re looking forward to trying this Fall.  Let us know if you try them!     You’ve tried a leaf pile. This Fall, try a leaf maze or labyrinth. We’d love to see pictures of your designs. Make smores with a solar oven. …

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I love nothing more than combining multiple good things. Perhaps it’s a product of being born into the millennial cohort or perhaps it’s the fact that I want too strongly to “do it all” within the confines of a “standard American adult schedule”, but when possible, combining things has become my default setting. A luncheon …

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On Sunday, November 30th at 10:07 am, I completed my first 26.2-miler. Crossing the finish line was a beautiful and surreal moment. There were people all around me and many things happening all-at-once, but I was most aware of my legs and the clock. I ran for three hours, 46 minutes and 19 seconds in a row, ten …

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