It’s the first day of winter! Here are some fun ways you can celebrate the season: 

1. Make your own centerpieces from natural materials: pine boughs, cinnamon sticks, pinecones, sprigs of rosemary, or floating cranberries. 

2. Take advantage of the abundance of citrus fruits.

3. Go snow-tubing. 

4. Take a high-definition photo or use a magnifying glass to appreciate the beauty of snowflakes. 

5. Go ice skating.

6. Welcome winter visitors with homemade ice luminaries. 

7. Invest in a new pair of gloves. You’ll be more likely to enjoy refreshing wintery activities if you are well-prepared for the elements.

8. Make your own bird feeder with a pine cone, peanut butter and oatmeal. 

9. Make your own sledding trail.

10. Build a snowman. 

11. Start a winter nature journal. 

12.  Enjoy the winter by bringing the outdoors inside. You can make a simple flower arrangement in less than five minutes.  

13. Stock up on camping supplies in the post-holiday sales and take a few minutes to plan your next overnight outing.

14. Start a New Year’s tradition to celebrate the possibilities of a fresh start. For example, a New Year’s afternoon family hike!

15. Spring is just around the corner. Start seeds indoors for spring planting. 


Written by Outdoorosity
Inspiration and Information About the Outdoors