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1. Passport to nature: A national park pass 2. For your New Year’s resolution: A pair of running shoes 3. To document your adventures: A new digital camera 4. To keep you hydrated: A good-looking reusable water bottle 5. Get out and about: A trip to a natural wonder 6. Show your true colors: A quirky …

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Catch a falling leaf before it hits the ground and make a wish. Daylight savings time gives us an extra hour on November 3rd. Use that hour to watch the sunrise. Try three new types of apples. Bonus: pick-it-yourself! (Find an orchard at PickYourOwn.org.) Find the biggest rock that you can (mountains count) and climb to …

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Start the day with a walk outside: no headphones, just the morning sounds of birds, breezes and possibilities. See how it changes your day. Plant a summer garden: our favorite things are heirloom vegetables and flowers! Pick a fresh bouquet of flowers for your desk every day for a week. Explore a new trail. Forage for …

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