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It still unbelievable to me that this time last year I was over 8,000 miles away and on the other end of the world, New Zealand, to study my passion: education. I do not think I fully understood this trip’s impact on me until I have had time to reflect over it this past year. …

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Bell - Robins

1. Go kayaking! And check out these five reasons why you should take the kids with you. 2. Stargaze. Put these summer dates on your calendar. 3. Pick some fruit and make a cobbler. 4. Try tie dying with dye made from plant matter. 5. Use these tricks to attract fireflies to your yard. 6. …

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Bell - Black Snake

I’m not really scared of snakes, though they sometimes surprise me by seeming to appear out of nowhere. Over the years, we’ve found a number of black snakes in our yard; they’ve been in our chicken coop, in our driveway, even in my mother-in-law’s house! There have been enough of them that we began to …

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butterfly garden

Picture this – a group of second graders collects caterpillars and eggs on milkweed and other flowers in an outdoor butterfly garden. Inside the classroom they’ll watch them develop and change, learning about habitats, metamorphosis, and the life cycle. A few weeks later they will release adult butterflies, watching in wonder as colorful wings beat …

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image (12)

On the days I get home before dark (and often accompanied by a flashlight even after dusk) I take a walk in my yard and admire the plants and the mountains and the sunset and my goats. Lately, these walks have resulted in lots of pictures. It’s likely because I’m the Communications Manager for this …

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image (5)

Spring comes each year with a predictable rhythm. Are your children or students feeling the drumbeat of its approach? Rather than letting spring fever take over, channel their excitement into observation of the outdoors. If you have a consistent commute with kids in the car, begin by pointing out the blooming flowers, shrubs, and trees …

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Help the Monarchs by planting Milkweed in your yard.  Learn about varieties that work best in your region and how you can become a Monarch Waystation from Monarch Watch. Skip rocks. See if your community has a bike parade and join the fun.  If not, consider organizing one for your neighborhood. Make a rain chain …

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Bell - Ibis

These days, it’s so easy to snap a picture. You don’t even need to carry a camera – a cell phone, tablet, or iPad will do the job just fine. If you like to take photos, you’ve probably got a growing collection of pictures of friends, family, events, and selfies. But have you ever thought …

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bird feed

We love snow days at my house. Because it doesn’t snow that often, we’re outside even on bitterly cold, windy snow days. Then, when we’re just too frozen to stay out any longer, we head inside for a bowl of hot soup or chili. But have you ever wondered what the birds eat during the …

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BIrd Nest

We went to Lake Conestee Nature Park on a mild winter Sunday –my husband, my kids, my dog. It was one of those rare times where, after days of pelting rain, we were treated to beautiful weather. For a few glorious hours, the sun shone and no coat was needed on an early afternoon stroll. …

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